Our History


Most VCs focus on finding visionary entrepreneurs trying to solve a big pain in the value chain, in a big market with scalable and profitable business model

We don’t want to change that, however we want to stimulate the best entrepreneurs with innovative and high potential ideas that will transform and push real economy forward, not only the one with a perfect pitch, background or credentials

Help capital flow back to the real economy improving and allowing sustainable growth for the whole society is our purpose

Our Timeline

In the first years we achieved several milestones and industry knowledge. Fortunately, we learned fast and corrected the strategy in due time, leading to only a couple of ‘early write-offs’. Pilot Fund (Vintage 2021/22) is now fully deployed after 30 months and has a +1.54x MOIC

  • 2014
    We began analyzing the first opportunities and built the support network. We chose priority sectors and business models type (O2O marketplaces, high volume)
  • 2015
    We made the first investment in consumer marketplaces (beauty, logistics, credit and auto services) and D2C Fintech (remittance)
  • 2016-18
    Lessons learned and reroute. The second investing wave focused on SaaS, Health, Edtech, and Fintech. Helped companies find next round investors
  • 2018-22
    Started investing as an institutional investor. Led the first offshore deal. Invested more de R$ 650mm across 30+ Deals
  • 2021+
    Airborne vision materializes as the success cases began realize. After a few exits and complete cycles close, Airborne begins as an invite-only Pilot fund
on 2015-18 Vintage
0 x
Series Seed/A/B
rounds led
Exits, including
2 over $200mm and a IPO
Deployed as both Angel and Institutional Investor
$ 0 M
0 +
MOIC as of March, 2024
on 2021-22 Vintage
0 x

Key Differentiators

We are experienced investors and we also possess firsthand experience of building a startup. We have been playing this game for a while, and getting results.

Deep investment expertise, we have invested more than U$200mm and possess deep knowledge of the VC sector with extensive experience in deal-making across multiple stages. We are not trying something new, we have done it before, several times

Industry operators Together we possess more than 30 years of experience as entrepreneurs in the B2B and financial services space which allows us to source proprietary deals, not only via private networks but also through connections we made 

Complimentary profiles As entrepreneurs, we have plenty of experience in the challenges and questions that founders face. As investors seasoned investors we know how to empower and support entrepreneurs when it’s needed

Vast local network allows us to source proprietary deals, not only via private networks but also through connections we made over the last decade, and provides us connections to access later-stage funding partners with either local or international partners


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